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Hi I'm Alex Nichol

Many of us digital strategy freelancers enter the field with similar backgrounds. The most common being marketing, print media, or graphic design. Not me though, I — along with a few others — come from the world of urban systems and planning.

But what does that have to do with creating a successful website?

My background gives me a unique perspective that other freelancers won’t have. When planning for urban environments, buildings, streets, and signage have to work together to provide a great user experience. Likewise webpages, navigation, and calls to action integrate and form a whole to achieve the same ends. All systems, physical and digital, require clear, concrete strategies to succeed.

We wanted to work with one of the real Webflow experts and Alex was that person. He stands out with detailed knowledge of the platform and his strategic thinking to meet business goals.
Mike J
President, RevFunnel
(Online Agency and Revenue Consulting)

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