E-commerce Tools You Can Use On Your Webflow Site

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Before you invest too much time and money make sure that any E-commerce platform and its features are available in your country.

We have talked about how Webflow can make you a better designer. But what about more day to day considerations like E-commerce? There are many options out there from creating an E-commerce store, but for those of you who use Webflow you are faced with a question. Do you keep you site hosted on Webflow or do you Export it to integrate into another system?

If you're in need of E-commerce functionality and want to keep your site in the Webflow system you are in luck. Here is a list of E-commerce solutions that you can use inside Webflow.


This is an Ajax technology that allows you to use a code snippet to generate your store on any website. To use this in Webflow copy and paste the code, given to you, into the embed widget on the page you want the store to appear.

Here is a quick and dirty example of Ecwid and Webflow working together (Most expensive vegetables)

The challenge here is to alter the Ecwid CSS in order to give your shop a seamless look.

Etsy Mini

If you have an account with Etsy, to sell your awesome stuff, then you can use their Etsy Mini tool. It generates some HTML that can be used with the Webflow embed widget.

Shopify Buy Buttons

You might have noticed there's a theme with all of these options, they generate HTML that can be embedded into Webflow. The Shopify Buy button is no different. For $9 a month you get access to Shopify to create and manage products. Use their generated html and place it anywhere on your Webflow site.

Paypal Buy Button

This is the standard Paypal Buy now buttons that you find all over the internet. They provide an easy way for Paypal users to sell products through their Webflow websites.

Amazon aStore

This option is definitely available in Canada and the US, as always check and make sure you country is supported. You can sell any product that's available through Amazon. If the product isn't your own then you get a commission. The Canadian Justice Review Board has a Webflow designed site that uses a Amazon aStore to sell books related to its niche.


PayStand is a payment gateway that can be integrated into the Webflow UI. They even put together a blog post on how to integrate PayStand into Webflow.

What other E-commerce solutions have you used with Webflow?


SendOwl is a good platform to sell tangible products, digital downloads, and services. You can also set up subscriptions and have your customers billed at specified intervals.

Snip Cart

Embedding Snipcart's shopping cart platform into a Webflow project is extremely straightforward.


Selz has it's own dashboard. So what you do is take the embed code from Selz and then manage the products in your Selz dashboard. Their dashboard is really user friendly and easy to understand.


a fully featured eCommerce platform that allows you to start selling on an existing website using a single line of code.


This cart is smooth and easy to setup with Webflow. Take a look at this example Webflow site created Anna, another Webflow community expert.


The newest addition to this list. Foxy.io is a powerful ecommerce platform built for web developers by web developers that allows merchants to sell any type of product in their Webflow website. Take advantage of live shipping rates, auto tax calculations, coupons, discounts, and more while allowing your customers to securely pay online with nearly 100 payment gateways and alternate payment methods. They even put together a free template for you to use.

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Alex Nichol
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